How to Become a Web Designer

How to Become a Web Designer

November 28, 2014
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Website designers are often concerned about their tangible abilities, like Photoshop skills or a mastery of jQuery. However, getting success in the field of web design there are many important things other than a superb grip on design. Here, in this blog there are some essential points are listing that a web designer should keep in mind.

  1. Learn from other excellent web designers and developers. Take a look at other decently composed websites and gain some knowledge from there by noting down how a menu or content region is laid down and utilize that information as a part of your outlines.
  2. Get the right tools. To get the correct tools is a very important thing while designing a website. There are so many tools used for designing such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. Creating designs with these tools are quite impressive and easy.
  3. Learn the skills you’ll need. To become a web designer you need many skills to learn such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, MySQL etc. You can learn all these skills from online. You can get many tutorials based on these skills. The main purposes of these skills are:
    • HTML: used for main content of the webpage,
    • CSS: For the page style,
    • JavaScript: For dynamic content,
    • jQuery: For easy JavaScript scripting,
    • PHP: For server side scripting,
    • SQL: For database management.
  4. Consider using a dynamic web service to improve the user experience. Build a website by using AJAX so you can use the server-side power of PHP to create interactive web application.
  5. Start your design now to get some idea. The best time to begin making sites is at the earliest opportunity. As soon as you start, more ideas and experience you can get. Don’t stress excessively over making it perfect the first run through; a best aspect concerning sites is that they can simply be enhanced any time.


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