How to Design a Web Page using HTML

How to Design a Web Page using HTML

November 28, 2014
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Although you can make a webpage without knowing HTML, you will find some problems to fix the web page editor you are using if you don’t know HTML. This blog shows you the basic of making a website using HTML.

  1. What is HTML. It is a markup coding language for describing web pages. It is a set of markup tags and contents of the web pages are described within the tags. You can see HTML source code of any web page. If you see the codes, then you can realize that, all information is being written between an opening and closing tag.
  2. Make your initial web page as simple as possible. Don’t take complex tags for creating your first website. Make your first website simple and innovative.
  3. Use Notepad to write your code. You can write your HTML code in a notepad and you can open it in any browser. But make sure that you are saving your HTML code with an extension of .html or .htm.
  4. Always start with <html> tag to tell your browser you are using HTML language. <html> is the first tag you write to tell your computer that, you’re starting a web-page. For closing it you should type </html>. All other tags will laid in between html tags.Here are some commonly used HTML tags described below.
    • <body>: document body of the page
    • <b>: for bold text
    • <h1> to <h6>: level header 1 to 6
    • <head>: contains information of a page
    • <html>: core element of every webpage
    • <img>: show an image
    • <li>: list of item
    • <meta>: meta information
    • <ol>: ordered list
    • <p>: paragraph
    • <strong>: can be used instead of bold
    • <table>: for creating table
    • <td>: table data
    • <tr>: table row
    • <th>: table header
    • <u>: used for underlined text
    • <ul>: unordered list
  5. Save your work. After finishing your coding save that document with an .html extension and open that document to see your web page in any browser.
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