How to Design a Web Page

How to Design a Web Page

November 28, 2014
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What is web design:

Web design itself refers to the methodology of making a web page’s appearance and to the choice of a right color plan, page design, text styles and more. Each and every page in a single website has different contents but all the pages are utilizing a same graphic design. Most sites will use website templates, which contain all the basic components of web design like website’s css style, backgrounds, buttons, borders, hover images, header banners and so on. When all the above elements are applied to the website, all the pages accept its appearance, utilizing the same styles, background and other graphical components.

But most of the pages in a website have their own design elements. This is required because every page needs to present an alternate content, and the basic website style is not completely appropriate for all web pages.

Designing of a web page:

Before you begin designing your web page, you need to evaluate what kind of site pages it is going to be and what contents it ought to have. This data is required to effectively design a web page. You have to know the types of pages as there are various methods of approach to design a static or dynamic web page.

You additionally need to know the contents of the site page, because you need to organize them inside the page’s design. There are distinctive sorts of content – text, pictures, videos, animations and other elements. In order to make a fruitful page you have to put the right content on right place. It is important to consider what the page’s motivation will be the point at which you begin designing it. Making the essential format, basic layout and color scheme will be the second essential step. The last and most important thing in a web design is getting a domain name and host to make it live.


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