How to Design Web Page

How to Design Web Page

November 28, 2014
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WordPress is an extremely popular choice today. It’s adaptable, flexible, always enhancing and does not require any prior knowledge to use. You simply pick a theme design that you like, include your content and you’re ready to go live. Presently more people are inclining towards WordPress.

Use a clean design. It’s always professional to go for a simple design rather than a multi-colored web design with loud backgrounds, flashing buttons and banners. If you’re using WordPress to construct your site, think about utilizing a Genesis theme- a standout amongst the most well known WordPress themes with fresh and clean plans.

Use simple navigations. Don’t confuse your visitors with many choices on your menu. Make the most important pages highlighted and the navigation of submenus should be cleaned.

Larger fonts and white space rules. Always use large fonts (at least 14px) to make your page readable.

Build a responsive site. This guarantees your site displays ideally in all browsers. That means make your website compatible with all devices such as smartphones, laptop, tablet and minicomputer. More and more people are surfing the Web on their cell phone so having a responsive site, or a design that works with all resolutions, is perfect.

Best to use only one or two columns. Use only one or two columns rather than multiple columns for better usability.

Save Your Money

Unless you require a very exceptionally design, there’s no need to use many dollars on web design. The only thing you need to spend money is your domain name and hosting. If you want you can pay for Genesis wordpress theme but its not compulsory as there are many free wordpress themes are available which you can utilize for designing your web.

These are some useful points to be counted while designing a web page.


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