How to Make a Website

How to Make a Website

November 28, 2014
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Creating a website is a great approach to share your thoughts and ideas to the world. Through your website you can tell your audience about your service and can get attention from them. So, website making is a very necessary task for all business. In this blog you can find some useful points of making website.

  1. Designing your website:
    • Get inspired. Look at websites which has great designs and try to get some ideas from it. Think the ideas and creativity behind those designs and try to implement that in your website.
    • Make a plan. For building a website two things is required, one is dedication and another is money. So, be sure that you are fully determine to create your website and can able to bear some money to publish your site. For all this, planning is must and do according to your plan.
    • Figure out your content. There are many different types of content and some have their own considerations. You just need to choose what’s best for your website and your requirements. Following are some points to be considered:
      • Stay realistic to your abilities.
      • Generally the simpler the design, the less the pages, the better.
      • A store. If your business is to sell things, then you need to figure out the items you need to sell. If you have few things to sell, it is better to having a store with a hosting service. There are many well known store hosts such as Amazon, Society6, cafepress etc. which allow you to sell your item with your own price.
      • Media. If you want to display videos, music and you have the design that would be compatible with media sites, then youtube and SoundCloud would be great choice.
      • Images. If you are planning to put images to your website, use a format that will safe your image from getting stolen.
    • Plan for platforms. ¬†As these days people are finding it easy to do internet in mobile or tablet as it is handy. So by making your website compatible with these devices, you can get more visitors for your website. So plan to use responsive design for your site.
  2. Building your Website:For building a website, wordpress is a great option. It has more than 200 themes and plugins that you can start your website immediately. You can manage your website from anywhere with an internet connection. Beside wordpress some more technologies are used to creating a website such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP and many more. You need to learn all these for building a website.
  3. Test your website and make it live:For making the website live, you need to buy a domain name and a host. You can get many cheap domain name from market, but if you are buying an expensive domain name, consult to any expert before having it.You need to check your website in all aspect like website design flaws, backlinks, missing tags and search engine optimization before making it alive as it is the affecting factors for traffic to your site. After that you need to test your website by checking all the aspect are working properly according to your requirement.
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